Music is very much at the heart of Idle Uwi so we've put together a few chill radio stations to listen to here and also please checkout our handpicked playlists on our blog for a more curated selection.


Misfit Anthems

Misfit Anthems is the station for essential lo-fi idlewave, chillpop and a mixture of super chill french electro.

Hazy Vapors

Hazy Vapors is the station for that trip back to the chill 90s with lo-fi vaporwave & retro dreamwave nostalgia.

Crystal Notations

Crystal Notations is the station if you love your indie really laidback, discover chillwave & lo-fi indie gems.

Cyber Express

Cyber Express is the station for those glory retro synthwave sounds, retrowave and future synth chill relish.

Ear Invaders

Ear Invaders is the station for some innovative chillhop, chillstep, triphop, sadchill and lo-fi hiphop rapture.


Transcentralized is the station if you prefer to listen to cloud rap, trillwave, chill rap and lo-fi rap tunes.


Soulsniffer is the station if you're into some contemporary chill R&B, casual PBR&B and rare neo-soul cuts.

Blank Stare

Blank Stare is the station for all shoegazers, dream pop, 90s baggy & featuring those swirling indie classics.

Psych Dream

Psych Dream is the station for all the down-tempo garage, psychedelic & neo psychedelic rock and lo-fi rock.

Introspectiv Dive

Introspectiv Dive is the station for some sweet classical chillout, emotive chill or some instrumental bliss.

Wander Fuel

Wander Fuel is the station to discover some cultural vibes & send your ears on vacation with some worldly music.

Kuku Klub

Kuku Klub is the station for lounge oddities, rare delights, spaghetti western and eclectic cinema soundtracks.

House Particles

House Particles is the station for chill house, deepest house cuts, acid house and outsider lo-fi house tunes.

Mellowed States

Mellowed States is the station for classic chillout and lounge electronica, slip into this downtempo paradise.

Liquid Moon

Liquid Moon is the station for ambient, psychill, psybient, space music and a journey into another dimension.


Signup to Spotify

To listen to the stations in their entirety please go to our Spotify profile here. You will need to be a member (free or premium without the ads) of the online music service site spotify.com or choose to listen to the updated tracks here (the website Spotify app we have on our site will only allow featuring the last 100 tracks on each station so is limited to just 100 tracks). Spotify membership is free though with ads or for a small amount a month you can listen ad-free. You get high-quality sound and enough music to drown in. You’ll then be able to put together your own playlist stations too.


Listen on Youtube

We’ve also added our station playlists to our Youtube channel so this might suit those who prefer a more visual treat to discover their music. You can find all featured stations here.