About Us


We are Idle Uwi, a music-inspired ethical clothing brand, and we create a streetwear range for lo-fi & chill music connoisseurs and creators. Our brand identity is very casual and oldskool driven, loaded with nostalgia and music influenced imagery that explores the realms of escapism via underground music and chill culture. We are hugely inspired by the dreamy lo-fi aesthetics and chill vibes of the late 80s & 90s fashion era renowned for its sense of unity and freedom values.


Our brand’s key inspirations comes from the lo-fi and underground chill music scene, we actively promote and collaborate with musicians and producers new and old making laidback beats from the variety of chill genres such as ChillpopLo-Fi MusicVaporwaveChillwaveChillhopSad ChillUnderground DanceChill HouseShoegaze / TriphopBalearic ChilloutElectrochillAmbientPsychillNeo Psychedelic GarageRetrowaveSynthwave. There is so much more awesome music out there full of total freedom and creative expression than just in the mainstream charts, maybe the internet has made all music much more accessible, but it's not killed of the essence of underground music, it's still there hiding in the nooks and crannies of the net pumping out greatness.


We work with a number of artists and our design output is mainly oldskool 90s euphoria, lo-fi music poster art, acid graphics, slick minimalism, vaporwave aesthetics, edgy streetwear typography, darkwave and Japanese pop culture. Our background comes from surface textile design, graphic design and photography. Our passion was to create an ethical music-inspired brand that was rooted in this laidback lo-fi & chill culture and to connect with people through our shared taste in music.


Let me take you back to the beginning, the birth or maybe I should say the conception of Idle Uwi. I’ve been passionately into music from my early teens since discovering The Doors who opened my mind to what was possible with music, I then got heavily into indie music, and ever since my tastes have broadened a little outwards but I’ve always loved music that didn’t stick to any boundaries, I started to explore more underground music with bands and artists who have a lo-fi vibe to their sound. It was around the time I got into experimental electronic music and underground dance, I also became fascinated with the artwork of acid house and rave culture posters and these were the reasons I got into graphic design. So I wanted a brand that would combine all the things that I was passionate about then and still am today as underground music never dies. I wanted Idle Uwi to be more than just another clothing brand as there are thousands of those everywhere, what I envisaged was a site that yeah sold clothes but also a place for people to discover chill & lo-fi music and to actively connect with the music creators.


Lastly, life can be rather serious at times in this modern world and people live at such a fast pace and strive for perfection too much, we see more beauty in the gritty world of the imperfection, we like to break away from the everyday normality and step into a more overly simplified way of life. Our vision is to basically sprinkle some chill and escapism vibes over the mundane, as well as creating on-trend chill fashion. We are just a small independent fish (I guess); swimming in a big ocean of fashion industry whales and to get ourselves noticed we have to become a very different beast to be seen on the surface. We take a huge pride and passion in what we do and will continue growing and promoting the chill lifestyle. Please get in touch with any questions you may have via email or via our socials and please consider subscribing to our mailing list for our chillinspired newsletter, latest drops, blog roundups and insider discounts.



Σlectro,░Lo-Fi░and░Chill (永ぃいじ✌ քɛǟƈɛօʊȶ)

c☯unterculture ɱųʂıƈ inspired ethical streetwear