About Us

We are Idle Uwi, a music inspired ethical clothing brand, we make cool t-shirts and a streetwear range for chill music connoisseurs and creators. Our brand identity is very oldskool driven and loaded with nostalgia and music influenced imagery that explore the realms of escapism via music, retro streetwear boldness and underground music culture. We are hugely inspired by the dreamy aesthetics and chill vibes of the late 80s & 90s fashion era renowned for its sense of unity and freedom values. Idle Uwi people are chilled mellowheads that stand out effortlessly, easy laidback beings, casually down to earth in nature, totally live and breath music and have this individual expressive style to their fashion.

Our Inspiration

Our brand’s key inspirations comes from the alt and underground chill music scene, we actively promote and collaborate with musicians and producers new and old making laidback beats from the variety of chill genres such as chillpop / groovechill / downtempo / lofi hip hop / chillstep / sad chill / underground / world roots / chillout / electrochill / ambient / psychill / psychedelic garage / indie chill / shoegaze / dreampop / vaporwave / retrowave / synthwave / new wave / synthpop. Our design output is mainly oldskool euphoria, music poster art, acidhouse vibey, vaporwave, darkwave, grunge, trippy eccentric imagery, 90s bold, minimalist aesthetic cool, sci-fi escapism, neon retrowave, typography, animals, edgy tattoo art, Japanese pop culture, skate & surf life and retro graffiti art. Our background comes from surface textile design, graphic design and photography. Our passion was to create an ethical brand that was rooted in this laidback culture and to connect with people through our shared taste in music.

The Epiphany

Let me take you back to the beginning, the birth or should I say the conception of Idle Uwi. This was in the summer of 2016 in a basement flicking through old copies of Select magazines and Melody Maker I’d found from that era. I got reminiscing of growing up I guess looking back at fashion trends of the 90s, of course, there was, the good, the bad and the ugly of those times. Most of that 90s style though I still look for when buying fashion today as I still love the retro pale colours and always preferred the laidback feel of a baggy box fit as opposed to the skin-tight stuff. So I basically wanted the brand to incorporate my love for music, art, fashion with this laidback 90s vibe. The music I've always loved was of a chilled nature so I thought it was a perfect place to start my research. I've always loved the idea of my own retro fashion label incorporating all my passions and ethics, so I got in touch with some suppliers to see if they’d get on board.

Our Ethics

After watching a documentary on fast fashion I wanted the brand to be a green brand, so it was important to make all of Idle Uwi’s products custom made to order to save on any wastage with ordering huge amounts of stock. Finding and working with suppliers and brands with Eco-Friendly credentials and ethics was going to be crucial to us, even if it meant using suppliers overseas. So companies that used eco-friendly inks that are vegan-friendly and not tested on animals, use sublimation exhaust printing methods, environmentally approved dyes with water conservation at the forefront and followed to Fair Labor Association guidelines & workplace code of conduct. Our products are produced sweatshop-free with eco quality materials and wastage ink is disposed of responsibly. Some of our suppliers are based all around the world, so production and delivery times do sadly play a part in this, please don’t expect next day delivery or fast fashion here, however us and our partners always delivery worldwide as fast as humanly possible. Please check the item page to see where a product is made from and dispatched from for delivery time estimates, we hope you find our products worth the wait.



idle w a v e vapors 1 9 9 0s Don’t just fit in, stand out, hang out and chill the hell out!